Glass reinforcing wire mesh

glass reinforcing wire mesh used for glass reinforcement, it is special material of welded wire mesh , not galvanized ,not stainless steel .


Glass reinforcing wire mesh we supply is a type of welded wire mesh, which made with special iron wire ,thin and strong ,anti rusting , used inside glass for reinforcement strength of glass, the mesh in very big rolls 2.07meter wide , 400meter length ,we also called it glass wire mesh or glass security mesh, it is the best choice for wired glass , with reinforcing mesh inside glass will not break into pieces by attacking ,protecting people from hurt by sharp glass pieces , even strong strike can only digging a hole into the glass ,so thief can not break in, that is why it called glass security mesh ,the glass reinforcing mesh actuall is a special welded wire mesh, with aperture half inch and 0.5mm wire , big aperture small wire makes max open for view , it is a glass reinforcement , not concrete reinforcement .

Raw material :  low carbon steel(Bright finished).

Wire dimension :

  • Line wire : Ø0.60 mm.
  • Cross wire : Ø0.50 mm(crimped).

Mesh size :  0.5″ × 0.5″ (12.7 mm × 12.7 mm).

Roll size :  2.07 m × 350 meter ; 1.89 m x 350 meter .